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Insurance Coverage

Currently, insurance plans and HMO’s do not cover naturopathic care. 

HSA's (Health Savings Accounts)

Naturopathic consultations and prescribed supplements are often allowable, tax-free expenditures. We strongly encourage you to look into an HSA as an alternative insurance choice. 


FSA's (Flex Spending Accounts)

Flexible Spending programs also allow for naturopathic health care deductions. Check with your plan to verify.


Please email for current pricing and policies.

Working together remotely 

Working together remotely

Please be advised that I'm now living in the Bay Area so I no longer have offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn. I do however continue to see new patients from New York and all over the country. These visits are remote and done through Skype, FaceTime or on the phone. 


The structure of the visit works the same as if we are in person. We spend the first part of the session discussing your health concerns and goals in depth. We then discuss other vital aspects of your health including sleep, stress, digestion, mood, diet, exercise, etc. I then create a plan for you including what diagnostic testing (if any) would be helpful in understanding your concerns and what natural therapies you can get started on right away. 


I do not prescribe pharmaceutical medications. The natural treatments I prescribe include holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbs, nutrients/minerals and homeopathy. 



Many of my patients find working together remotely convenient and preferable to travelling to a doctor's office. 


 If you have any additional questions about the process or are curious if I can help you with your health concerns and health goals please schedule a complimentary 15-minutes consultation here so we can discuss this in more depth. 


 If you live in the Bay Area please visit my local website here to for my location and office details.

Naturopathic Care

Initial visits are 75 minutes. Follow-up visits are typically 45 minutes. See pricing below.


During the initial 75 minutes consultation, we will go over your health concerns and goals in depth and discuss all other systems that are important for optimal health. Then we'll discuss a plan to reach those goals including holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes, herbs, nutrients/minerals, homeopathy, and if any further information is needed from diagnostic testing. The diagnostic testing I do are functional tests for food intolerance, stress hormones, female/male hormones, gut health and metabolism. During follow-up visits, we will assess progress and make adjustments to your plan accordingly. 


My goal is to understand you and your health as a whole person and address the root cause of your symptoms naturally rather than just suppressing them with medication.


Please download the new client intake and, policies and procedures forms, fill them out and bring them to your first visit. Patients under 16 years of age should use the pediatric intake form. If you are unable to fill them out before your visit, please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out paperwork.


Bring copies of laboratory (blood work) reports and diagnostic imaging (x-ray, MRI, CT) reports that you have available from your other health care providers or have them faxed to (718) 569-6451. 


Directions and contact information are on the Contact page. 

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